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Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain — Personal Injury in Garden Grove, CA
Being in an active sport can cause a lot of wear and tear on your body and one of the first places you will feel it is in your neck. No matter how minor, call Pro Sports-Med Chiropractic if you begin to experience any type of neck pain especially after being involved in any sports-related activity. Many of our clients have had sports-related injuries, so we know exactly what to look for. Don't wait, call before it gets worse (714) 892-0888

Stress related Neck Pains

Admit it, we all deal with stress. Because of how common stress-related pain is. It seems to be also the one pain people decide they can deal with. In reality, you shouldn't have to live life with that type of pain. Pro Sports-Med Chiropractic can assist you with major or even minor neck pains.

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When your body is in pain it's trying to give you a warning. You won't know how serious unless you come and let us check you out. You have lots of nerves that go through your neck and attach to other parts of your body. We can not only figure out the problem but we can solve it. Call us today(714) 892-0888